Whether you are an athlete, a coach or an event or conference organizer, we make your moments important, moments impossible to forget

direction and video footage

Multi-camera director and video operators for footage to be projected on the ledwall of your event or to be sent online


Live streaming with perfect and uninterrupted transmission to let everyone follow your event in real time, even those who cannot reach it

2019 2024
pole art italy

Florence, Tourin, Asti – Italy

2022 2023
ipsf - french championship

Marseille – France

2019 2024
ipsf - swiss championship

Lousanne, Bienne, Genève – Switzerland

2019 2024

Rome – Italy

ipsf - world pole & aerial championship

Lausanne – Switzerland

2021 2022
posa world championship

Bologna, Sassuolo, Cesenatico – Italy

2017 2018
wifsa world open

Cork – Ireland / Fasano – Italy

ipsf - world pole weekend

Tarragona – Spain

but so,
what do we do?

Our experience in sports photography has taught us how to capture crucial moments, and how to tell stories through our images.
Our photographers and videomakers, equipped with equipment capable of guaranteeing extraordinary results in high definition, are capable of capturing the most interesting moments, making them unforgettable.

In addition to providing sports and event photography services and the ability to send freshly taken photographs directly to newspapers or Social Media Managers, we also offer the ability to purchase our images and videos for commercial or personal purposes.
You will then be able to relive those special moments, or use them to promote your brand or your future event!

Whether you are an organizer of sporting events or conferences, webinars or coaching sessions, you will have all our experience at your disposal to make the video footage of your event unique.
We will take care of not only the video part but also the inclusion of all multimedia materials within the shots.
Our team will be able to guide you in understanding whether you need fixed or multi-camera shots, with static or constantly moving video operators ready to capture the subject or move to show your event from multiple points of view.
You will be able to choose whether to receive all the shots individually or already in an edited video, whether to send them directly online or on ledwalls.

Our experience in the live streaming industry allows us to tackle even the toughest technical challenges, and ensure seamless, seamless broadcast of your events and conferences. We can handle video encoding, bandwidth optimization and content distribution across multiple streaming platforms. We are aware that each live stream is unique and requires customized solutions: for this reason, we are ready to adapt to your specific needs and provide you with a service tailored specifically for you.

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